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Have you noticed that if you follow the current dietary guidelines you are guaranteed to feel miserable and gain more weight?

I bet you have wondered, how to plan your meals for maximum weight loss and how to keep the excess weight off permanently. And if there is a way to get rid of your weight problems painlessly, without any medication?

What if there was a simple, enjoyable way to get rid of the excess weight without starving, counting calories and watching every bite you put into your mouth?

What if you could get back to your ideal weight enjoying food that BOTH tastes heavenly AND is scientifically proven to be healthy?

Introducing the "Healthy Living Monthly" newsletter.

The Healthy Living Monthly newsletter is designed to help you reduce your weight with scientifically proven tips and easy-to-make recipes. Just follow our simple advice and watch your life transform before your eyes!

Each month you'll receive ACTIONABLE tips from seasoned health professionals. Each tip will help you reduce weight in a healthy, manageable way. You will feel full of energy, nourished and satisfied.

In each newsletter you will receive tailored, mouth-watering recipes developed by the most skilled recipe developers. Each recipe is guaranteed to taste delicious and help you lose weight.

Here's an example of the life-changing weight loss tips you will get each month in the Healthy Living Monthly newsletter:

  • 3 most important things when starting a low-carb diet – ignore these and you will fail
  • Why you have to be worried about cholesterol – but not in a way you are told to
  • 7 fat burning soup recipes for really rapid weight loss
  • Is your weight stalling? – No problem, follow these foolproof tips and lose weight like never before!
  • 15 recipes to PAMPER your taste buds – and your body!
  • How intermittent fasting can help you burn fat like nothing else before
  • The best tips to overcome those nasty cravings for good
  • 3 fats that boost weight loss that you should consume on a daily basis
  • 7 deadly fats that cause cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and diabetes
  • Find out if you need to count calories on a low-carb diet
  • 5 surprising benefits of a low-carb diet – learn why this diet outperforms all other diets
  • Find out how much protein you should eat on a low-carb diet
  • 15 easiest to-go low-carb meals that you can whip up in no time
  • “Hourly helper” – the best tool to help you overcome your cravings
  • Learn the best and the easiest exercises to burn fat

  • Discover if acupuncture can help you lose weight
  • 3 reasons why fat is essential to you and your weight loss regime
  • Learn everything about sweeteners, which ones are safe and which ones you should avoid like the plague
  • Obesity and diabetes – learn if low-carb diet is a safe option
  • 5 things to avoid at all costs when trying to lose weight
  • 7 top fat burning foods – lose weight even while you sleep!
  • The surprising fact of how the food pyramid REALLY should look for the ultimate weight loss
  • 10 tips for rapid weight loss – lose a dress size already this week!

And that's just a short example of the wonderful tips you'll receive in the Healthy Living Monthly newsletter.

So, save your precious time and take control of your life NOW.

Start applying these fantastic tips today for a rapid weight loss kick-start.

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